The Man Who Folded Himself

The Man Who Folded Himself - David Gerrold This book is about a time traveler that has traveled where no other time traveler has traveled before.

If and If I read the book correctly. Dan/Danny/Uncle Jim/ Diane/Donna/Aunt Jane are all the same person but traveling in different time lines depending on the decisions they take resulting in different time lines ( makes sense? Probably not :).

Some where in the book Dan talks about traveling into the future and talks about sex changes and gentic engineering of humans. So a future Dan becomes a Diane. They are now on a different time line for the future, they Dan and Diane can only meet in a distant past where time lines where they can meet.

So Dan gets himself pregnant, more than once, creating different time lines. Dan becomes Uncle Jim and raises himself. Diana becomes Aunt Jane and raises herself. But one thing Dan could not discover in his travels is how to prevent old age and dying.

So thus the title of the book, "The man who folded himself". He is the beginning and end of his own life. Yea time travel and there fun filled paradoxes.

I also enjoyed this book. I give the the book five out of five stars.